What is OneNaira Initiative ?

OneNaira is a Nigerian Based Co-operative Donation Initiative To Give Each Other A Headstart Towards Achieving a Brighter Future. It's just like your day to day money contributions just on a larger scale.

Is OneNaira Initiative A Lottery or Peer-To-Peer Program ?

No. OneNaira Initiative is not a Lottery or Peer-To-Peer Program. It is just People helping each Other.

How Do I Qualify For A One Million Naira Grant ?
You have To Be 16 Years of Age or Older To Enroll For The OneNaira Initiative. Donate Atleast One SLOT Towards The Future Of Another Person.
How Do I Enroll For The OneNaira Initiative ?
Visit Our Sign Up Page and Register. It's that Simple! .
What are SLOTS?
Donating SLOTS towards the Education or Business of another OneNaira Account User stands you a chance of Receiving a One Million Naira Grant. One SLOT is equivalent to One Naira.
How Do I Qualify for a Grant ?
You must have at least One SLOT in the ONGOING GRANT ANALYSIS, you can find this on your home page. 100% completes a GRANT cycle. A GRANT earner is programmatically calculated based on your Date of Registration and How Often you Donate to the Education or Business of other people. This is equivalent to Our Computer Programs judging how Loving and Selfless you are. Everyone earns a GRANT sometime, how soon only depends on the frequency of your activities and if you have at least One SLOT in the ONGOING GRANT ANALYSIS.
How Do I Receive My Grant ?
You Will Be Contacted By SMS To Come For Your Grants. An Already Generated GRANT ID and GRANT RETRIEVAL CODE will be Sent To Your Registered Phone Number.

Your GRANT RETRIEVAL CODE should Be A Closely Guarded Secret as it will Be Used To Pay Your Grants.

You may Be Asked To Provide A Means of Identification, this could be any of your National Identity Card, Drivers License, International Traveling Passport or Permanent Voters Card.
Please Remember to say thank you to the Nigerians who gave you a headstart.
How Does OneNaira Initiative Pay For Staff and Other Expenses ?
All we really ask of you is a 10 percent support commission per donation to feed our staff and maintain our equipments. Thanks a lot.
What are Short Term Goals ?
Every now and then we all have a Short Term Goal to meet. It could be the purchase of a new phone or the payment of a long overdue bill and could be anything as well. While the Major Grant of One Million Naira is still ongoing, you could still meet up a Short Term Goal worth any of #10,000 x 30 Person(s), #30,000 x 10 Person(s), #60,000 x 5 Person(s), #100,000 x 3 Person(s) and #300,000 x 1 Person(s). As a matter of Fact it is being met in that order and there is no timeframe as to when it can be met. This does not decrease your chances of earning the major Grant of One Million Naira for your Headstart at all, as a matter of fact it is advisable donate at least One SLOT on the current Ongoing Grant Analysis within the past 24 hours before you partake in the Short Term Goal or we'll do it for you.
How do I receive my Short Term Goals ?
If you earned a Short Term Goal, an already generated Short Goal ID and Short Goal Retrieval Code would have been sent to your registered phone number. Please remember to say thank you to the Nigerians who made your goal possible.